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Welcome to Arena Online, our online hub for all things Arena related.  We have created content for young people, a place for our artists to share their creative ideas, and our audience to be entertained. We also have a section about Arena’s history, a place to start the planning for our 55th birthday next year. So dive in, listen to our podcast, watch a video or just be entertained….Arena style.

Creative Classrooms Online

This is a space created for learning, whether you are a student, or a teacher. Our artists have created online content to provide some entertaining education during this period of home learning.

Inspire Me

A place for the Isolation Creations from our Arena artists, friends and peers. Stay connected with other artists works, or be inspired to create your own.

Arena 55

Arena is turning 55 next year. Here we are celebrating five and a half decades of Arena Theatre and theatre for young audiences. 

3 Things

Arena’s Christian and Jolyon have created a podcast called Three Things in which they take a topic and discuss the 3 (or 300) things they learned during the process. You can find this, and all Arena related content here.