Hidden Creature Gallery is a space where you can search for hidden augmented reality creatures, and see them come to life in your smart device.

To do this, we created a mobile app that has been developed by Mark Egan at Undersea Creative in partnership with Arena Theatre Company.

How to use the app

  1. Download Hidden Creature Gallery from the app store on your device.
  2. Allow camera access and ensure you have mobile or wifi coverage for the app to work.
  3. Search for markers around the designated area, which are clues as to where the creatures are hidden.
  4. When found, with the Hidden Creature Gallery app open on your phone, point your camera about 1m away from the target and wait for the creature to come to life.


Try it out on these examples below…

Privacy and Data Use Policy

The Hidden Creatures Gallery app requires use of the camera on your phone to capture your current surrounds, this vision is combined with the augmented reality layers and played back in real-time. This footage is not saved, sent or shared with anyone.