Arena’s new work “A Kindling Throne” will premiere in October 2020.

Masculinity is in crisis. While there are plenty of ideas about what is wrong with it, there are, at present fewer still contributions to a positive outlook.

Arena Theatre Company is bringing together award-winning artists from around the country to work with the community and young people of Bendigo to create a new performance event unlike anything the Company has previously attempted.

Blending mythology, music, massed voices and an evocative immersive environment you are invited to step into an ancient metaphorical forest to ask one of the most pressing and urgent questions of contemporary times…

“what does a positive vision of masculinity look like in Australia today?”

This new work is being developed by Arena artists Christian Leavesley, Jolyon James and Eliza Hull.

There will be three more developments held in February, August and September before the World Premiere of A Kindling Throne on 29-30 October 2020.


Tickets available here.

A Kindling Throne Teaser

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