Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, Arena can help you build the ultimate AI.

Siri, Cortana, driverless cars and virtual judges – there’s no escaping. Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of our life now and into the future. Why wait for robots to take over the world when you can work with Arena to build your own AI?

Using cutting-edge digital technology students work with Arena’s artists to create a unique Artificial Intelligence, or AI, that reflects the personality of the school and the students who contributed to its creation.

A core group of students steer the project while additional classes may be asked to participate in activities to assist in creating the ‘face’ and develop the ‘mind’ of the AI.

Arena artists work with students to identify values, issues, characteristics and unique stories or memories attached to their school and community. Students work together using cutting edge digital technology, photography, scientific analysis and storytelling to build their AI. They learn to ‘puppet’ the AI with live animation technology, giving both movement and voice to the digital character.

The workshop culminates with a Q & A style performance in which students attempt to convince the audience their AI is real. The performance is both curated and performed by the students for the whole school community.

Workshop Details

Artificial Intelligence is an Arena Theatre Company Workshop.

Age range: 12 – 17 years or Year 7 -12

Participants: Up to 20 + involvement from two further classes (optional)

Duration: 5 hours or one school day

Arena Artists: 3

Curriculum Areas: Technologies – Digital Technologies, The Arts – Media, The Arts – Visual Communication, English, Literacy, Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking Capability

Artificial Intelligence introduces students to new technologies, new modes of performance, promotes creative expression, teamwork and provides a rare opportunity for students to work alongside professional artists. In creating their AI students reflect on their school and community and develop an understanding of what values and characteristics are important to them in their school and community.

Curriculum Links

Artificial Intelligence is suitable for schools, local arts and community centres, holiday and festival programs and is available for booking throughout 2019. For more information please contact

For primary aged young people please see AI’s sister workshop Secret Schoolyard.