Baai is available to tour in 2022

Baai (Meaning Home in Dinka) is a visually arresting and conceptually invigorating live theatre performance, celebrating the colourful and rich South Sudanese culture. A culture that is often under represented. This work aims to change this, by reducing societies misconceptions of what it means to be a newly arrived Australian.

Baai (Home) is the main theme that threads the work; this includes the exploration of fleeing South Sudan to the Kenyan refugee camps, the longing for home, and the journey in creating a new home, in a country far away from your own. With this comes, feelings of alienation, isolation, cultural pride, strength and hope.

Born out of a unique collaboration between artists Eliza Hull, Ajak Kwai, Awak Kongor and the young generation of the Bendigo South Sudanese community, Baai is a spectacular video work and performance, which represents the vibrant and colourful world of South Sudanese culture. Intertwined with stories and original songs of life in South Sudan and personal accounts of each of the performers’ unique journey in now calling Australia home. Baai is a celebration of identity, a joyful and captivating experience for young and old.

The show is designed for families to share. Ages 8+

To enquire about securing this wonderful production for your venue or organisation, please contact us today.

Project partners

This project is funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the City of Greater Bendigo, the Australia Council for the Arts and the Federal Government’s Regional Arts Fund, through Regional Arts Australia.

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