Kids create their own moving, speaking creatures using motion capture technology!

At the Hidden Creature Gallery, children are invited to create and ‘hide’ their own animated creatures using augmented reality technology. Our Arena Artists will guide participants through the creative process, helping them photograph an interesting feature of the location before transforming the photo into an amazing animated creature. Using motion capture technology, the children will animate the character with their own voice and movement.

Visitors to the gallery can use their smart devices and search for the creatures hidden throughout the location.

Hidden Creature Gallery premiered at the Castlemaine State Festival from 22nd-31st March 2019.

Two little girls are pointing their phones at a disc located at the base of a tree trunk. The disc activates a video of a creature on their phone's screen


Lead Creative Artist: Christian Leavesley

Lead Visual Artist: Jolyon James

Project Manager: Gayle McClure

App Designer: Mark Egan

Workshop Artist: Jessie Rizzi