Imagine what it’s like to stay up all night!

Meet Sunny Ray: happy, light, a true wonder of the world. Sunny loves her life but has always secretly wanted to know… what happens when she goes to bed? Meet her best friend in the sky the Magnificent Moon: the all night party girl who gets to stay up late EVERY single night! Then one bedtime Sunny Ray breaks all the rules and doesn’t go to sleep….What happens when the Sun and the Moon stay up all night together?


★★★★  “Star-spangled theatre rock party.” Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★  “Very entertaining” Time Out Sydney

Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon comes from the imaginations of Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias, creators of the internationally acclaimed Die Roten Punkte and Arena Theatre Company. Featuring original music inspired by everything from folk to funk, disco and pop and starring the incredible Clare Bartholomew and Simone Page-Jones, Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon will delight audiences aged 4 years and over

After making its debut at the Sydney International Festival, Sunny Ray has had multiple national and international tours, including selection in the prestigious China Children’s Theatre Festival and ASSITEJ International Gathering in 2018. Recently, Arena partnered with Capital Venues and Events to tour four regional venues around the Goldfields.

For ages 4+

Duration 45 mins


Writer: Clare Bartholomew and Danial Tobias

Director: Christian Leavesley

Dramaturg: Casey Bennetto

Design: Emily Barrie

Lighting Design: Richard Vabre

Choreography: Gabi Barton

2017 Cast: 

Clare Bartholomew & Danial Tobias

2018 Cast: 

Olivia Charalambous & Simone Page Jones

2019 Cast:

Clare Bartholomew & Simone Page Jones